Give the gift of a trio of Emubob Tea's delicious 100% Australian tea blends.  In this beautifully presented linen gift bag you'll find samplers of All-Aussie, Alpine River and Mountain Breeze.  A re-usable eco-filter is also included so that these blends can be enjoyed no matter where you are!


Australian Collection: All Aussie 15g (Daintree loose leaf black tea, raw honey, cinnamon myrtle, lemon), Alpine River 10g (Australian Sencha, wild mint, native river mint, lime peel), Mountain Breeze 10g (Australian aniseed myrtle, ginger, lemon rind).


We encourage you to re-use the gift bags, while we'd love for you to compost the remaining packaging (yes, even the coloured hemp tie is compostable!). 

Australian Collection