Your Emubob Tea Questions Answered

Who is Emubob Tea?

We are sisters from regional New South Wales who decided that there just wasn’t the perfect anytime Aussie-inspired tea blends.  And so, the quest began to make two irresistible blends in which Australian owned, produced and grown products were the stars – it has resulted in our All-Aussie, Yummy Honesplash, Mountain Breeze and Alpine River blends.




Where do you source your ingredients?

All of our black loose-leaf tea, lemons, limes, cinnamon myrtle, sencha, wild mint, native river mint, aniseed myrtle, ginger and raw honey is sourced from Australian businesses and producers.  The spices in our Yummy Honeysplash are sourced from Australian distributors but do come from overseas.  Our key suppliers include: Daintree Tea, Two Rivers Green Tea, Indigiearth, Simply Bees (raw honey), Buderim Ginger and Austral Herbs.



Where can I buy your tea?

Simply jump over to our online store and you’ll find the four current blends available for purchase.  


What health benefits are associated with your tea?

Our blends are all about enjoying a great Aussie-inspired cuppa and while our intention isn’t to address specific health ailments our ingredients may have potential health benefits.  Our Health Benefits Information Guide has further details for you.

And remember, we want you to feel great after drinking our tea so if you’re in any way unsure about how you’ll react to the listed ingredients please seek professional medical advice.


Why do you use recylable, biodegradable and compostable packaging?

We love the planet just as much as you do which is why our packaging consists of biodegradable cellophane bags, recylable tubs and compostable hemp ties.  Our stickers are also made from paper so it is easy to add this to your compost!



Can I purchase a bulk order for retail selling or do you sell the tea in a range of quantities?

We can cater to retail outlets.  Should you have any questions regarding smaller or larger quantities please contact us.



How long should I steep the tea and is it best enjoyed with or without milk?

It’s recommended you experiment with varying amounts of tea and varied steeping times to find your desired strength.  And to be honest, it’s completely up to you how you drink our tea!  But if it’s any help, many of our friends and family add a splash of milk!


What is your return policy?

If you are unhappy with the quality of our tea, we offer a money back guarantee.  All you need to do is email us your details and we will

send a pre-paid package so you can return the tea to us and we can give you your money back.


How can I give you feedback?

We would love to hear from you so feel free to email us & let us know what you think of our product!