I'm not sure about you, but it seems those spur of the moment decisions can lead to some of the most unexpected journeys...

I'll admit I have been known to act impulsively from time to time so it came as a total surprise that an off-the-cuff idea to audit excess shopping cardboard packaging a few years ago prompted my twin sister and I to start up our own special creative outlet: Emubob!

Critical Emubob equipment!

So, back to that off-the-cuff expected we confirmed after just a week of grocery shopping we were left with a phenomenal amount of cardboard packaging. It got me thinking about not only how damn wasteful I was but what the heck we could do with all of this colourful cardboard???

There was no local recycling option at the time so I thought maybe we could re-use it in an artistic way (I'll make another admission, my sister and I aren't really artists - we struggle drawing a straight line with a ruler but we looooove to create stuff!!!).

After some trial and error, which included weeks of chopping up cardboard, we came up with this creation (measuring around 1 metre in length - yikes!!!).

Emubob's earliest creation

It may not be everyone’s cup of tea (you're right, it doesn't help that the photo is not so great!!). And we realise upcycling is not a new idea. But it was one of the catalysts to putting our ideas out there...out there in the big wide world of endless stuff! Needless to say, we now find it difficult to part with any cardboard packaging and it is spilling out of our cupboards!

We have even come up with the term “emubobbing” (i.e. creating things from upcycled materials) and it has become a part of our own children’s vocabulary...we really hope it catches on or we run the risk of our kids sounding a bit - well - ummm - strange (sorry in advance kids!!).

Righto - well that's enough about Emubob! We would love to hear some of the ways you’re Emubobbing...or rather, upcycling materials!

How are you getting creative with old or used items?

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