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Are you looking for a cheap, easy and quick way to make your own upcycled planter?

Hold onto that Tetra Pak you're about to recycle and give this project a go...

Here’s how you can have your own bespoke planter in under 30 minutes!


1 Tetra Pak (I used a 1L long life milk carton)



Small plant of your choice – spring onions are a great option as they are easily regrown so you may not even have to leave the house to buy anything!

I’ve chosen a succulent that needed rescuing from the backyard.

OPTIONAL (for a totally cool bespoke planter)

Scrap material to decorate your carton - you don't need a lot and you can mix and match all sorts of fabrics.

Craft glue



Step 1

Mark out how high you want your planter and carefully cut along your line so you can use the top section in the next step (I’ve measured 7cm from the top).

Step 2

Use the top section to place inside the carton to allow for better drainage - it's ok if you choose not to though - your planter will still look amazing!

Step 3

Stab a couple of small holes in the bottom so the water can drain....so simples!

Step 4

Grab your fabric and glue and start covering your carton. You can cut your fabric or tear it into strips and wrap it around...go wild and use your creative flair with this!

Step 5

As you glue your strips onto the carton, overlap them slightly so you get good coverage.

Step 6

Place some dirt/pebbles into your carton and plant your plant of choice.

Step 7

Give your new addition a quick water, find it a special spot and pat yourself on the back for an awesome job!

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