3 Upcycled Homes with Wow-Factor

Let’s face it, the demand for upcycled building materials and sustainable architecture has never been so high.

But how does all this translate in our consumer-driven, superficial world?

Well these 3 clever conversions are just a slice of what can be achieved when conformity is thrown out the kitchen window!

1. Upcycled and contemporary? Ahh, yeahhh!!

Upcycle House exterior

Believe it or not, there are so many upcycled elements in this home it's hard to know where to start - shipping containers, recycled aluminium soda cans (the roof and façade cladding), recycled bricks, champagne cork tiles and recycled glass tiles, just to name a few!

It comes as no surprise this home is known as Upcycle House. It's situated in Nyborg, Denmark and was constructed in 2013 by Realdania BYG alongside Lendager Architects.

This 130m², 4-bedroom home is both functional and visually appealing. The home is an example of sustainable building practice, in fact, the architects found their approach to the build resulted in a reduction in CO2 emissions throughout the entire project of 86% compared to a “benchmark house.”

This architecturally designed, sustainable upcycled home costs $1 700 000 Danish Krone or $AU334 000. What a great investment.

Upcycle House photos taken from Lendager Architects

2. Got a Spare Silo Hanging Around?

Maybe this little beauty is the project for you.

Silo House exterior - Mark Lipczynski photo

Obviously the hero of this upcycled home is a corrugated steel wall grain silo (one from 1955!). The Silo House takes up residence in Phoenix, Arizona and is the work of architect Christoph Kaiser.

This two-story 31.6m² home is kind of like a tiny house but not as teeny tiny and, well, not as portable! It is, however, a great example of compact contemporary living and it even gives off a luxurious feel through the extensive use of timber. Actually it wouldn’t look out of place in downtown Manhattan! Furthermore, this home also boasts a low carbon footprint – a skylight sits at the top of silo aiding in the delivery of passive cooling.

All in all, Silo House makes you realise the key to upcycled living is an ability to think outside the box.

Silo House photos by Mark Lipczynski

3. For the Love of Wine!

This rather quirky upcycled accommodation in the Netherlands boasts 12 original wine barrels, which used to hold Beaujolais wine from a French chateau.

De Vrouwe van Stavoren Hotel - wine barrel accommodation

Granted, these barrels may not officially be considered homes, but you’d be damn crazy not to recognise their uniqueness.

Photos from De Vrouwe van Stavoren Hotel, Caters News Agency & Inhabitat

As you can imagine the barrels, which sit at the De Vrouwe van Stavoren Hotel, have hosted thousands of guests from around the world. The interior is a tad outdated but well designed and rather spacious. What’s more, one of the barrels has been converted into a Wellness hub boasting a duo-relax-couch and double Jacuzzi tub inside a luxury steam shower!

Honestly, what more could you want?

Here’s cheers to upcycled living!

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