5 Solutions For Your Unloved Food & Wine

If you're like most people, you probably get a twinge of the guilts when you notice you've forgotten about that expensive produce rotting in the bottom of your fridge or fruit-bowl.

The really good news, though, is that now you some super ideas to help you avoid that wasteful guilty feeling.

1. Re-grow it!

Sweet potato on the verge of stink?

Chuck it in a glass jar or vase & let the bottom sit in some water, exposing around one-third of it & let it grow…& grow…& grow into a funky indoor vine!

Upcycled sweet potato

You can also try re-growing spring onions, celery, cabbage, ginger, onion, lettuce and heaps more!

2. Freeze to save for later on

Rotting bananas?

Throw them in the freezer & grab them out when you're ready to make cakes or better still, healthy ice cream.

Matcha & frozen banana ice cream

What about these?

Banana crunch ice cream Fozen banana & coconut ice cream

3. Quick! Cook it up NOW!

Are your vegetables just hanging in there? Why not boil them up to make a delicious soup?

Try using almost-browned cauliflower, dodgy sweet potatoes & limp broccoli & carrots to re-create this winter-warming upcycled veggie soup!

Be sure to add some flavour-enhancing ingredients. This soup has chick peas, coconut cream, veggie stock & pastina – yum.

Of course, be careful not to use rotten veggies that will make you sick - now that would be totally yuck!

4. Compost it or give it to the worms or chickens!!!

Gotta love the urban chicken movement & the tried-&-tested worm farm!

Both are great for dealing with most of your inedible veggies & other produce - plus those chickens are so cute & they give you the wonderful gift of fresh eggs!

On the other hand, a worm farm is also awesome. You get nutrient rich soil & of course worm wee!! You just water down the wee & feed it to your plants - who will be very thankful indeed!

5. Turn left-over wine into a fermented garment or as a skin treatment or cleaner


I understand you're having trouble grasping the “left over wine” concept but if you did, by miracle, happen to be in that unusual situation here's what you can do.

Red wine in bath

Fancy a bath with a glass of red wine?

Well, now you can sip a glass of wine and soak in it too!

Apparently the antioxidants in red wine have a skin-softening effect so it's a-ok if you pour in a dash of red wine the next time you're having a relaxing bath!

If that's not you however, you could try adding that left-over wine to your compost or even to clean your fruit & veggies!

Alas, if those ideas also aren't for you, there's heaps more to consider according to the Vintec Club's wine blog.

Finally, to wrap things up here's an upcycling idea from the science world.

It's Micro'be' fermented fashion!

The dress you see above is an example of when art & science meet. It's where living microbes ferment a garment.

The final aim? Produce a seamless garment that is formed without a thread in sight!

WOW! Not really a solution to use today, but who knows, maybe you can one day!

What are some of the ways you upcycle or reuse your food?

We'd love to hear about them - please share!

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