3 Fast Recycling Facts From The Rio Games

Believe it or not recycling and re-purposing is not new to the Olympics or Paralympics.

In fact, back at the Sydney 2000 games, organisers made notable efforts to present a “green” Olympics.

Such efforts included, recycled building materials and the solar powered Olympic Village - which has been converted into housing.

Moving four years forward and London 2012 was considered the “greenest games” ever!

Here are some interesting stats for you...

Organisers there made significant efforts to use recycled building materials, including re-used gas pipes and bricks, recycled PVC and concrete made from recycled aggregate. Not to mention the fact that they achieved zero waste to landfill throughout the Olympics. Wow! Now that’s impressive.

So what have the organisers of the 2016 Rio games brought to the recycling table?

Let’s take a look…

Not a bad effort at all despite the widespread criticism of the organisers in the lead-up to the games.

So, with the Rio Olympics winding up and the Paralympics to get underway next month, all eyes will soon be turning to how Tokyo is preparing for the 2020 Olympics and Paralympics.

You probably are aware of Japan’s reputation for hi-tech innovation – Tokyo games organisers have already indicated they want to create an environmentally “sustainable” foundation for the Olympics. That includes a proposal to create the medals from recycled precious metals!

There’s no doubt Tokyo will offer up some innovative recycling ideas - one can only imagine what will be achieved at the games four years from now!

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