The Quick and Easy Emubob-Way To Get Your Yard Spring Ready

It’s a fact of life, the winter months test the gardener in us all - and don't worry that includes the novice and wannabe gardeners too (of which, admittedly, Shannon is one!).

But with the timely arrival of the season of all things new and colourful, you know it's time to get inspired with some quick and easy ideas.

So, thankfully, the hard work has been done for you.

And because we know you like convenience, you can choose to have a quick, lazy look via the video or scroll down to check out all of Emubob's awesome ideas in more detail.


The quick, lazy option!


Emubob's awesome ideas in more detail...


This old rusted bucket is made bright again.

A watering can that is now seeing much better and brighter days.

Old floor tiles get a new chance at life as plant protectors.

A wagon wheel is perfect for this climber!

Turning the wheel in this recycled cubby house = endless fun for the kids!

Reclaimed bricks are a great choice for this winding gravel path.



Cut wine bottles make the perfect home for these succulents - plus an old light shade looks right at home as a plant stand!

Re-purposed drawers with a modern white-washed look = a home for all those hard-to-store small outdoor items!

A drawer from a discarded cabinet makes a trendy plant pot.

This second-hand basket was a freebie...and also looks so very stylish as a plant pot.



Mannequin legs dressed in a funky skirt (which was our nan's material!) is a somewhat quirky garden feature - this lovely mannequin is located in our parents' garden!

Old-style signage on discarded corrugated iron adds a relaxed traditional touch. Mark's Signage

These contemporary garden spheres were made from glass light shades filled with left-over concrete from a paving job. Definitely no waste here. Add a gold treatment and you have instant bling!

This eye-catching upcycled pallet sign post is a major statement piece and really personalises the garden. Mark's Signage

Another art project up at our parents' yard - old corrugated iron has been placed on a frame to display various old items!



This upcycled pallet outdoor table is put to good use all-year-round thanks to the clever work of a very patient partner (thanks Joe).

An old pallet makes for a useful garden storage stand.

This second-hand outdoor setting was a cheap Gumtree purchase!

Here's another second-hand item. This seat certainly has its own unique style and adds a big dose of personality to the yard! And then there's also the other smaller wooden seat - which is all-natural!


So now all you need to do is decide what to get started on first!

We'd love to hear about how you're upcycling, recycling and searching for bargains to make your yard look fabulous this spring!

Happy gardening everyone!

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