Are You Missing The Key Ingredients To The Perfect Table Setting?

September 10, 2016

Now, the real truth about styling your next Spring alfresco dining experience is that it can in fact be a cheap and enjoyable experience. 


Here’s how introducing just a few upcycled and recycled items can save you money and add serious wow factor to your table setting, whether it be breakfast or brunch...or any other time of the day!  





Key Ingredients


Fresh Wattle & Bottlebrush | Upcycled cardboard hearts | Nan's old material | Recycled timber table | Re-purposed chair springs | Glass bottle vases 




Key Ingredients


Old timber table runner | Coffee jar lid tealight candle holders | Wine bottle vases | Upcycled cardboard hearts | Place cards from recycled book pages | Blossom tree branch | Recycled flat sheet tablecloth









Key Ingredients


Recycled slate tile place mats | Wine bottle planters | Wine bottle glasses | Gold curtain tassels hanging off old wire lamp frame | Upcycled cardboard hearts 








Key Ingredients


Recycled herb jar vase | Recycled plastic doily tablecloth | Handcrafted floor mat lampshade | Recycled timber board | Fresh Rosemary | Re-purposed frame | Hand-me-down coffee cups and saucers.






So now you have no excuse to be out of ideas when you're styling for your next private gathering!  


And don't forget, if you're after a unique piece for your table setting, an Emubob product may be exactly what you need. 




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