3 Signs It's Time To Break-up With Consumerist Culture

It's no secret we live in a culture of consumerism.

Have you ever thrown out an item or felt pressured to buy something new simply because of a comment someone has made or a thought you’ve had about how worn or outdated it looks?

Well, you’re not alone.

The really good news though, is that you can alter your thinking.

Simply check out 3 common “throw-it-away” lines and the simple approaches you can adopt.


1 Do you feel embarrassed when you hear;

“That looks old, you should buy a new one”


“You’ve had that for so long, I think you need to upgrade”

You know what? It's totally ok to feel love for your old, tired looking things!

Plus, think about it, your old stuff doesn’t deserve you going behind its back and replacing it with something new, when in fact it still does exactly what it’s supposed to!

Admittedly this saucepan and lounge aren’t the latest items on the market, but hey, who cares?

The saucepan has built up character over the years and remains useful, while the lounge was a high quality purchase and despite being a bit old it remains so damn comfortable!

In fact, you’ll find you probably have heaps of household items that may not be in sync with the latest trends, but you don't have to follow what everyone else is doing anyway!


2 Do you cringe when you hear the comment;

“No-one has those things anymore, just get rid of them”

Well lucky for you, this is the perfect opportunity to embrace your re-use, recycling or upcycling skills!

For example, an old, unfashionable light shade can glow again as a floor lamp while an old picture frame can remain fashionable forever as a mirror frame.

See, it's that easy - no more cringing!


3 And finally, some of us get that self-conscious feeling when hearing this classic line;

“That’s so out of fashion - you need to go and buy something new”

No you do not!!!

As you may have read on last week’s blog, there are a variety of ways to keep your old stuff looking fresh - such as adding new materials to your clothes or making alterations to give it new life as a different piece of clothing.

We admit we’re not fashionistas by any stretch, so wearing last year’s, or even 2012’s fashion trends, doesn’t particularly bother us!

These shoes may be old but they've been well looked after and are in good condition. And how gorgeous is this skirt? It's made from good quality material which has proven itself time and time again over many, many years!

So if you’re feeling totally stuck in our consumerist society there is a way to ease your way out of it and feel pretty damn good about yourself in the process!

Remember, there’s a difference between wants and needs.

By the way, if you're after more info about how to improve your financial decision making skills Frugal and Thriving has some super tips for you!

And don’t forget, if you're serious about making thoughtful and considered purchases be sure to look for sustainable, upcycled or recycled products, like our Eumbob stuff!!

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