5 Easy Steps To A Pretty Paper Butterfly

October 19, 2016



Now you can make this light and flighty butterfly...or if you're feeling super crafty, make a kaleidoscope of butterflies!! 


It’s a delightful way to re-use all sorts of paper from the kid's artworks to old books.  And believe it or not it only takes 5 simple steps...all you have to do is follow the guide below - everything you need to know is right here! 


Now, tell me what I need....



Paper (not too thick such as old book pages, newspaper, re-used gift wrapping, kids artworks, magazine pages or catalogues)




Circle and square objects (I used a cup for the circle and a cookie cutter for the square- or a circumference and set square will do the job)




String (or similar such as re-used bag ties, re-used elastic, thin strip of fabric, re-used gift ribbon, pipe cleaners)




Offspring - if you have one or a few sitting around and you think they will be useful!!!!



Let’s get started!





PAPER - quick, go grab some! I used a page from an old encyclopaedia.








DRAW & CUT out the shape above.  


It's basically a circle up the top with a diamond overlapping (my circle diameter was 8cm and the square sides were 9cm).


TIP: I made a quick template on a thin piece of cardboard & because the paper I used was so thin I cut out 3-4 shapes at a time.






Accordion FOLD all the way down the shape.





TIE a piece of string or whatever you have.


I used a bit of re-used fabric in the middle of the accordion fold (make sure the tie is on top of the longer side - which is the square shaped end - as these will be the wider wings for the top of the butterfly - as you can see in Step 5).






Trim the tie into antenna like lengths!


Then, simply pull out the wings and you have a pretty paper butterfly!





You can paint it...



You can make a few....









Or watch them fly…




So there you have it - pretty, simple and a great way to re-use different sorts of paper!





















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