How To Make Your Fresh Produce The Star Of The Festive Season

If you're like most people, you probably already know that nothing tastes better than those meals cooked with the veggies, herbs or fruit you’ve picked from your own garden.

Planting, growing and eating your fresh produce is not only rewarding, for us, it’s a reminder of lovely childhood memories. Like venturing out into nan's massive garden to pick strawberries for a sweet snack or helping her make strawberry jam...or following grandad out beside the big white water tank to pick fresh beans, chokos, tomatoes, and so much more…or trying to find him when he disappeared into his crop of corn – the only way we knew he was ok, was when his worn terry towelling hat popped up through the stalks!

So, if you too have special memories like ours, or you want to create some for yourself and your family, there’s no reason why you can’t give this fabulous growing food thing a go!

Whether you have heaps of space to play with or just a small balcony – and even if you aren’t the green-thumb type - there’s simple ways you too can have, and show off, your fresh produce this festive season!


Lettuce planted in garden bed

You can choose to grow your seeds or live plants in a garden bed or simply go with the container option. Either way make sure you purchase quality potting mix and don’t forget to add some compost!

Now here are a few planting ideas that will leave you feeling proud as punch as you add them to your special holiday meals!

And why not plant together some herbs, lettuce and cherry tomatoes in a big container – you could enjoy the convenience of a home-grown, no-fuss salad right at your back door!

For further information on what to plant when, ABC’s Gardening Australia has a helpful guide.


So here it is - the upcycled twist bit you've surely been wondering about!!

It doesn’t have to cost a fortune to grow your food. Forget about the fancy pots and expensive trellises and just go with what you already long as your "pots" have good drainage there’s almost nothing that you can’t use to grow your food in!

Check out the ideas below...


Believe it or not, it doesn’t cost much to invest in a worm farm – in fact you can do it using recycled materials – Simple Things has a great tutorial!

Worm castings give you nutrient rich soil and of course that organic fertiliser, otherwise known as worm wee!! You just water down the wee & feed it to your new plants - who will be very thankful indeed!

Finally, just to point out to everyone you’re a super awesome food producer, you really do need the gorgeous FRESH PRODUCE upcycled pallet custom-made Emubob sign which you've seen in this blog’s the perfect way to congratulate yourself on your newfound zest for gardening!

Fresh Produce Emubob upcycled sign

We'd love for you to share your fresh produce and tell us about the upcycled elements of your fresh food growing process!

Happy gardening!

Jacqui & Shannon

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