How To Gift Wrap Without The Gift Wrap!

Think about that amazing feeling you get when you finally figure out the perfect Christmas gift for someone! You can't help but smile!

So, after hours of careful consideration and searching it’s time to make the wrapping just as thoughtful…but how? Well it’s easy, check out our top 5 ideas for Gift Wrapping Without The Gift Wrapping so you too can give your Christmas gifts a personalised and even practical charm this Christmas!

A gift to wrap a gift?

Using different types of fabrics such as scarves, tea towels, table cloths, table runners or handkerchiefs conveniently double as wrapping and that perfect extra something!

Emubob gift wrapping with tea towel


Choose a page that suits your recipient such as comics, sports pages or business - the list is endless!! Now this is a great to wrap gifts of all different shapes and sizes.

Old book pages and tissue paper

A monochrome background provides the opportunity for you to decorate with colour! This beautiful Emubob heart is the perfect contrast and adds a warm handmade touch that is a gift in itself!

Or follow my step-by-step guide to make a colourful butterfly which can be added to a simple handmade book page bag (with upcycled handles of course!). This is lovely for small pieces of clothing like cotton socks and ties, wallets, small books and stationary items.

Old Maps & bright book pages

A small handmade envelope bag is great to hold little gifts like scented melts, delicate jewellery, gift cards and even USB sticks!

P.S. Keep a look out for these in our 2017 range which is coming soon!

Glass Jars

Re-use your glass jars for colourful gifts like beaded necklaces, soaps or tea light candles. Fill bigger jars with pens, pencils and textas! Best of all the jar can be reused again or kept to display and store your gift!!

There you have it, 5 simple and practical alternatives to spending big on gift wrapping. So what will you be using to wrap your gifts this Christmas?

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