9 Fabulous Reasons To Have Your Own Non-Traditional Christmas Tree

Just a note to tell you about some really great alternatives to your trusty regular Christmas tree. If you think you’re ready to leave the traditional tree in the cupboard and head down the path of upcycled, crafty and unconventional just follow me!

Image and instructions:Her Tool Belt

There's nothing like a bit of upcycling to give your Christmas that magical touch! Yes, there are so many different upcycled pallet designs out there but this one is simple yet eye-catching.

All you need is a mirror and some drawing materials - old lipstick is also a great option - and get drawing!

Image: Youne

Perhaps slightly extravagant and a bit of a challenge to replicate but stunning nonetheless.

Simply attach your choice of lights to a board or even directly to the wall or door. Make a simple tree shape or whatever you like!

Image and instructions: Not Martha

This may require a bit of construction but the effect is well worth it!

Image and instructions: Almost Makes Perfect

Loving this little creation as it's a bit different and also most of your supplies come from the garden.

Image and further details: Recycled Things

Got an old magazine or a newspaper laying around? Well this is the perfect tree for you!

Image: Dance Advantage

Now this is absolutely gorgeous. You will need to prepare a frame to attach your items (perhaps floral foam would be one option). This idea would work for all sorts of shoes if you're willing to be a bit creative!

Image and instructions: Family Sponge

Grab those books off the bookcase and balance them up to achieve this little creation!

So now you have plenty of inspiration to get you started. We'd love you to share your non-traditional Christmas trees with us - why not head over to the Emubob facebook page and post your creations!

Happy non-traditional Christmas tree creating!


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