Twindividual Styles For A Relaxing Retreat At Home

Jacqui & Shannon

No need to stress if you can't escape from your home these holidays because we have put together a couple of lovely spaces for you to take inspiration from so you can put your feet up and relax - even if it's just for an hour or so!

If you're like us, creating fresh and relaxing spaces is not something new - in fact our respective partners are used to that feeling of walking inside and feeling as if they're in another house because of the moving of furniture and constant changing of decor (admittedly the reaction is not always positive!). So follow us as we move some things around our homes and inspire you to create your own special retreat so you too can feel a thousand miles away from reality!


We decided to go with two key items for each style:

Handcrafted Floor Mat Lampshade

Upcycled cardboard heart


Jacqui's Comfy Country

Think lazy days, soaking up the daylight as you while away the hours immersed in a good book.

Nothing says relaxation like a soft, light-filled space with an inviting daybed, plump home-made cushions and a good book. And of course some cookies and a cool drink!

Why not add a splash of colour with an Emubob upcycled cardboard heart? And don't forget that crucial piece of artwork - this vintage personalised town list has been created by Marks Signage.

Looking for a pretty and timeless addition to your space? Flowers in an upcycled jar are perfect.

You want to ensure you have everything you need before entering optimum relax mode, so remember to prepare your own tasty milkshake and yummy butter cookies!


Shannon's Casual Contemporary Eclectic

Think worry-free late nights with a drink in hand and your mind wandering far, far away...

Create the perfect relaxing lighting, prepare a refreshing drink, keep your reading material close by and forget about everything as you sit back in your soft, comfy chair....ahhhh, now that's the life!

Why not make your own alcohol-free drink or cocktail that is sure to satisfy the biggest stay-at-home holiday retreat thirst!

And no retreat is complete without the perfect artwork - this Liveth Designs piece is a contemporary and bright addition that evokes a feeling of happiness!

Happy relaxing stay-at-home holiday retreat styling!

Jacqui & Shannon


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