How The Kids Can Emubob Their Way Through The Holidays

So we've done all the hard work for you and now all you have to do is download your FREE guide to the top 9 Emubob projects to keep the kids (and adults) occupied these holidays!

But before you do that, take a look at our two most favourite projects.


This idea was shared on our Facebook page a while back, however due to the colder conditions it's been somewhat of a wait until this little DIY project could be made and tested.

Not surprisingly it is a big hit with the kids!

Supplies & Instructions

Grab your bottle, take the lid off and randomly drill holes along one side of the bottle (focus your attention in the bottom section, as pictured).

Next, take your creation outside and simply use the tape to attach the bottle to the hose.

Turn on the water and that's it! Oh, and of course the final necessity is a bright, sunny day plus an enthusiastic child!


As you know, we are the cardboard packaging hoarders so it makes complete sense that every now and again the kids get to take advantage of that!

Supplies & Instructions:

Take your cardboard packaging and tell the kids to go crazy with it! You really can't go wrong.

As you can see some participants are a bit more excited than others...

And to be honest, the clean-up after the cardboard explosion really wasn't as it bad as it looks here!

Remember to take a look at our FREE guide so you can avoid hearing "there's nothing to do and I'm so bored" statement these holidays!

Happy Emubobbing everyone!

Jacqui & Shannon


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