Why Upcycling Can Upgrade Your Life

With the new year brings the expectation of new things. If you’re like most people, it’s impossible to avoid the constant bombardment of product and service advertising offering big savings and huge discounts. They want you to spend your money on new clothes, new shoes, new phones, new furniture, new cars, new homes, new school bags, new hair, new body treatments, new apps, new computers…you get the gist.

Indeed, there’s nothing wrong with purchasing any of these items and of course we need to keep the economy churning – perhaps the issue here is excessive buying habits and the attitude toward the items we are told are old and in need of an upgrade.

Well I’m of the belief that there’s nothing wrong with making the most of what you already have and being sensible about new purchases, so here’s what I’ve learned from my personal upcycling and recycling experience.

1. The best things in life are free…or something close to that!

Once upon a time there were two bar stools.

Life was perfect until one day a big new handcrafted recycled dining table arrived on the scene (an amazing creation by my partner Joe!!). The stools looked outdated and totally out of place, but instead of getting rid of them, it was decided they deserved a new lease on life and so a magical makeover began….

It’s amazing what a little bit of hard work, a great timber stain and a small amount of quality fabric can achieve!

This simple makeover cost a fraction of what new stools would’ve and they look great – well, at least we think they do! I guarantee you, once you find a little restoration, upcycling or recycling project, you too will feel a sense of achievement and pride that purchasing something brand spanking new simply can't give you!

2. Frugalness

Since being more careful about what I spend my money on, I've noticed it’s been a while since I spent big on new clothes. Indeed, the once every year or so that I do, I find it is more economical to buy items that will actually last! Having a few expensive, classic items is better than a dozen cheap and nasty outfits that get pushed to the back of the wardrobe!

These days I really don’t take much notice of the latest fashion trends so perhaps that’s an advantage for me. You see, I downsized my wardrobe some time ago yet despite reducing my clothing by over half (yep – it’s still hard to believe!), I actually have plenty of quality outfits to choose from. I’ve revamped some of my old clothes while others were given to charity. Through this simple process I’ve learned that having less is in fact more satisfying than having more.

My appreciation is now for the simple things in life, which means I don’t really have stuff that I don’t actually need and that makes me happy! That’s not to say I don’t ever buy nice things, I’m just very careful about what I spend my money on.

3. Creativity

While it’s easy to give into the temptation to upgrade, is there anything wrong with holding on to something that remains relevant, safe and useful and finding a new use for it? I think not!

Thinking of ways to re-use everyday items is fun and you will surprise yourself by what you can come up with. In fact, the demand for these kind of products seems to be on the rise – people want to know more about what they’re actually buying which is great news for businesses who are all about upcycling, recycling and sustainability (such as Emubob of course!).

You don't have to splurge to upgrade your life. Upcycling, recycling, putting more though into the purchases you make and simply making the most of what you already have - that's how you can truly upgrade your life!


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