Simple Steps to Make Old Candles New Again

If you're like most candle collectors you have a healthy stash of unusable candles either hidden in a draw or on a dusty shelf. And if you're like me, you've been meaning to recycle them.

Well the really good news is that you too can tick that job off your list because I have a truly simple procedure to turn the unusable into trendy, stunning and totally usable!


All you need is:

Old candles


Heatproof bowl or smaller saucepan

Container to hold your new candle - an old glass cup, bottle or tea cup works well

Wicks and wick tabs - if you can rescue these from your old candles that's a bonus!




Now for the simple steps

1. Collect your candles.

2. Cut up your old candles and salvage a wick if you can.

3. Place wax in small saucepan/heatproof bowl and sit over a larger saucepan of boiling water.

4. Pour into prepared container - here's where you can use some blu-tack to hold your wick in position while chopsticks and a peg ensure your wick sets in the right position!

5. Leave to set overnight and then light it up!

Happy candle recycling!


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