Four Ways To Think Twice About The "Rubbish" In Your Yard

Anyone who knows what it's like to maintain a yard understands how quickly things can get out of control. So why not use Clean up Australia Day as a March motivator to get out into your yard this month and tidy up?

To help you on your way, here are four great tips aimed to get you thinking twice about what to do with the “rubbish” in your yard!


Broken tools in a screen like this one - shovels, hammers and almost any tool can be used if you have a bit of imagination!

Let's not forget about old building materials such as PVC pipes which are great for garden tool storage.

Think also corrugated iron for screens and signs, timber for outdoor shelving, trench mesh for climbing plants or old gates and railings. If you’re lucky you may have some old wrought iron railing - with a bit of a clean-up and paint job it makes for a beautiful climbing feature.

Damaged pots? Create a garden feature with a broken pot and watch pretty flowers cascade out! Or how about breaking the pot up into small pieces to create a mosaic?

Sell/giveaway or swap unwanted items

Just because you may no longer need the extra four panels of fencing doesn’t mean you have to throw it away! Try to sell or swap them-or even give them away - simply ask around or utilise on-line services.


Leaves make a great addition to the compost. And when you mow the lawn it’s actually not a bad thing to leave grass clippings on the grass as it acts as a great fertiliser. But don’t despair if you must rake them up as they're great in the compost too!

N.B: Either wait a few days for the clippings to dry out and hen mix into the compost or thoroughly mix or turn the green (freshly cut) clippings into your compost pile. Adding dried leaves with freshly cut clippings is a great way to balance out your compost.


Obviously you may still have rubbish lying around so simply separate recyclable items and utilise the recycling centres and waste depots in your area.

What's more, the good news is you can use these tips anytime you’re out in the yard - not just for one weekend in March.

So, what are you waiting for? Get outside and tidy up your yard today!


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