REVEALED: Budget Wardrobe Makeover

As they say, proper planning prevents poor performance and that's exactly why this wardrobe makeover is a total success!

After diving straight in and getting to work, it really only took a few hours to create the extra storage and improved functionality that I had so desperately been in need of (and of course it helps to have a husband who can make stuff!). So, in the end the project only spent $45 (including melamine off-cuts, a hanging rod, pipe foam insulation and shower rings to hang my scarves on behind the door).



So, here’s how we saved:

  • Re-used all of the coat hangers and just added soft foam insulation to the pant hangers

  • Sorted through every piece of clothing and only kept items worn on a regular basis

  • Used a suitcase to store out of season clothing instead of buying a new plastic container

  • Used off-cuts of melamine instead of a new sheet

  • Kept the timber hanging rail (which is actually stronger than the aluminium rail)

  • Kept the same configuration and just added movable units

  • Re-used items, such as the shoe storage, basket and the timber curtain rings

Sure there may be a lot more fancier and modern slide out units but this works really well and I can see everything I have which, ultimately, is all I need from a wardrobe!

Remember to share your interior makeovers with us as we'd love to share in your budget makeover excitement!


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