Key Ingredients For Your Almost Not-Winter Tea Party

It’s no secret that a good cuppa can make everything better. And when you combine a good cuppa with a stunning Aussie winter backdrop along with some gorgeous teaware, well you have yourself one very special tea party.

So, let’s take a closer look at the essential ingredients for your end of Winter tea party.


Fancy a warm cuppa in the snow?

Jacqui gave it a shot! She managed to create some warmth amidst a cold winters day with a gorgeous teapot and cute miss-matched tea cups and saucers. But be sure to let your guests know they will need to rug up to enjoy this slice of winter magic!


For a totally Aussie flavour at your next tea party, try a combination of corrugated iron, timber, green accessories and of course some delicious lamingtons!

But beware, you may also attract some unwanted guests!


Here is a Saturday morning ritual for one Aussie family! And no it's not a fancy breakfast or brunch but a simple sit together with the kids! Of course the vital ingredient is a warm pot of emubob tea, which equates to three very excited children!

Simple but special. It's amazing what a pot of tea can do.

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Happy tea partying everyone!


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