Are You Ready For A Green Spring Clean?

Finally, Spring is in the air! And if you're anything like me, your house is desperate to be opened up, cleaned and aired out to nature. But before you run out and spend up big on toxic cleaning products, have you thought about how you can bring nature into your house, without all the dirty bits?

You see cleaning doesn't have to be a toxic and fuming experience.

Try these 5 natural cleaners to get your place sparkling like new and smelling fresh!


An inexpensive and versatile cleaner that doesn’t leave any toxic smell.

  • A great natural deodorizer so you can leave some in the fridge, bathroom and wherever you need nasty smells to be absorbed.

  • Perfect for cleaning dishes, baths, tiles and grout, ovens, microwaves, floors, clothes and even your mattress.


A fantastic disinfectant!

  • Mix with distilled water and use it in a spray bottle to disinfect the bathroom and kitchen.

  • Great for adding to the mashing machine as an alternative to fabric softener.

  • Mix it with bicarb soda to create the perfect fizz for cleaning toilets and sinks.


This is another fantastic disinfectant with a fresh scent.

  • Grab your spray bottle, add some tee tree oil and water and you have an all-purpose cleaner.

  • Great to use in the bathroom to remove and prevent mildew (mix with apple cider vinegar).

  • Handy for the laundry too - use it when washing towels and mats.


Another natural disinfectant.

  • Add with water in a spray bottle with water and use it to wipe down surfaces in the bathroom, kitchen and even door handles.


This yellow citrus fruit does not just provide a beautifully fresh natural scent it also kills bacteria.

  • A great addition with tea tree oil and also with bicarb and vinegar; a powerful germ killing team!

And the great news is, you probably have most of these items at home already! So, what are you waiting for?

Happy Green Spring Cleaning everyone!


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