Time To Get Clued Up On Australia's Tea History

Are you familiar with the Cutten Brothers, Dry Ideas or Alan Maruff?

Well, you're not alone!

You best grab a cuppa, get comfortable and read through these fabulous facts about the history of tea in Australia. Who knows, you may well hold that winning answer that secures the meat tray at your next pub quiz!

ALFRED BUSHELL...the first person to open an official tea shop in Australia in 1884.

INDIGENOUS AUSTRALIANS enjoyed a special brew from tea tree or paperbark leaves.

The CUTTEN BROTHERS...believed to have established Australia’s first tea plantation in Far North Queensland, at Bingil Bay near Innisfail, during the 1880s.

JAMES GRIFFITHS...an Australian tea merchant, is now believed to have been the first person to produce tea in Australia. Mr Griffiths advertised his Australian-produced tea in local newspapers in Adelaide and Melbourne in 1901.

ALAN MARUFF...long-held belief Dr Maruff’s Nerada plantation produced Australia’s first commercial tea plantings in 1958.

COLONIAL AUSTRALIANS were the world’s highest consumers of tea during the 19th Century consuming around four-five kg of tea/person!

A TRUCK CARRYING BUSHELL's TEA overturned in Melbourne during WWII, prompting a riot! Police were called to intervene as people hurriedly gathered tea into their hats.

DRY IDEAS is the world’s most southern tea garden based in Tasmania, Allens Rivulet, south of Hobart. The garden grows tea plants imported from Japan in 1990, as well as black tea.

9.8 MILLION AUSTRALIANS, in the 12 months to June 2016, aged 14-years and over, drank at least one cup of tea in any given week, making hot tea one of Australia’s most popular non-alcoholic beverages!

So it would appear, if you're not drinking tea, you're seriously on the outer of Australian society! I'm kidding of course, but we do indeed have a wonderful history when it comes to tea which sets us up for a very strong future as a tea-lovng nation!

Drink up everyone!







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