How To Get Kids Thinking About The Environment

The start of a new school year is the perfect time to get the next generation thinking about and actually doing little things to help their environment. Even the really young ones (and maybe the not so young ones with bad habits!) can get involved.


  • Utilise re-usable containers or sustainable food wrapping (like Bee's Wrap) instead of plastic packaging-it’s a great way to cut down plastic waste!

  • Pack sandwiches or even recess in used plastic bags-in particular bread and bread roll bags. These are easy to keep sealed and can be recycled after usage! (A school friend of ours was doing this 20 years ago and he’s still alive and well!!).

  • If there are only a few biscuits in the bottom of the foil bag why re-seal them? Just fold the bag and place it in your lunch box. Saving time and waste!

  • Purchase quality drink bottles instead of using plastic water bottles!


Turn off the lights, TV and any electronic device when you’ve finished using them-

Turn off the water when you clean your teeth!


Get kids involved in recycling! Explain what can be recycled and reused. Maybe the kids can help you set up a compost.


Create a scrap paper pile (or even better get the kids to cut up a big cereal box and use it to store the paper or just re-use a box from the grocery/hardware store). School notes, newsletters and envelopes can be used as scrap paper and then placed in the recycling (after your budding artist has used 20 pieces of paper and only drawn 3 lines on each sheet).

As the saying goes, doing the little things can make a big difference and there's no time to waste (pardon the pun!) - so get started today.

Let me know what you're doing with your kids to help them understand the environment and issues such as sustainability and recycling.


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