How To Keep The Kids Busy These Summer Holidays & Have Time For a Quiet Cuppa!

The results are in, the kids have spoken and while it has taken some time for our troops to come up with these great ideas, now you have 13 amazingly varied activities that will keep everyone happy these summer school holidays!

So, let’s meet the faces behind the ideas and find out exactly what will be keeping them busy these holidays! 

Introducing our summer holiday activity experts (from left to right):

Marshall, Jorja, Isaac, Libby 


ONE>>>> Bake cupcakes!

All you need is a cake packet mix​​​​

(you can pick one up from your local grocery store for under $1) and then get decorating!  This Christmas Tree cupcake design (photo courtesy of Real Simple) is a great idea for the kids to try!

TWO>>>> Water fight


A tried & tested favourite!  Be sure to choose a shaded area or head out early or late in the day to avoid the sting of the hot sun! 

Whether you buy some water balloons or simply use the hose and some water guns, the kids are guaranteed to cool off and stay out of the house for a few hours.  For more ideas on how to take your water fight to the next level, take a look at Brisbane Kids.

THREE>>>> Prepare & pack a picnic

Jorja loves cooking and spending time outside so a picnic is the perfect activity!  Now this could be in the back yard, at the park, beach or even at a national park.  Remember if the weather is warm it's essential to pack a hat, sunscreen, wear appropriate clothing and remember to drink plenty of water. 

If you’re happy to let the kids help prepare the picnic here are some easy (and not totally healthy) recipes!!

Nutella Fairy Bread (left)

Shaped fruit salad

Hummus Dip with Crackers


Find the above recipes and more at Kidspot!

Photo: Kidspot


ONE+++++Spend the day at the park

Undoubtedly an all-time favourite of Isaac's.  So while the kids, and even the family pet, enjoy a few overs of cricket, kicking the footy or a game of touch footy, you can either join in, or better still, find some shade and read a magazine!  

It's free, it's exercise and you get to breathe in some fresh air - what more could you ask for?

TWO+++++Upcycled bottle sprinkler

This was Isaac’s favourite from last year and it appears nothing has changed!  Such a simple and cheap idea that provides heaps of fun. 

Head on over to our 2016 Factsheet to find out how you can make your DIY bottle sprinkler!


When the sun gets too hot and fatigue sets in, some Lego construction inside is a great option.  Isaac is known to spend hours creating all sorts of buildings, cars and scenes. 

Lego not only encourages kids to use their imagination and fine motor skills, they can also create some practical items, such as this funky Lego pencil holder, created by Kids Activities Blog.


ONE:::Scavenger hunt 

Libby enjoys a challenge and loves searching for all sorts of things outdoors, so a scavenger hunt ticks all the boxes!

Make it as simple or difficult as you like and play indoors or out - the kids will absolutely love it either way!  Be clear with instructions and rules prior to the start in order to avoid tantrums and dummy spits. 

For some super tips on prizes and planning the bestest holiday scavenger hunt, you'll find it all here!

TWO:::Movie & popcorn

There's no better way to slow the pace down a bit and spend an afternoon inside watching a movie and eating popcorn. 

This is a low-cost activity that Libby loves, especially while chewing on this caramel popcorn!


THREE:::All-sports or a Mini-Olympics

Collect the tennis balls and racquets, basketballs, cricket bats, soccer balls and footballs and plan a day of fun competition!  Or the kids can organise a mini-Olympics – if you're short on outdoor space, you can try this indoor sporting option from Healthy Active Kids


ONE***Cycling games

On any given day, you will find Marshall outside on his push bike attempting new tricks and riding very fast!  And that's why his favourite activity is bike racing.  This is a simple activity to set up and all you need is a clear, open space for the kids to hold the races, plus they can even come up with their own obstacle courses.  But if the risk of injury is simply too high, perhaps these cycling ideas from Cycling Buddy are a safer option. 

TWO***DIY Water Slide

From experience, the kids (and many adults!) absolutely love a slippery water slide on a hot day, so here's one you can easily put together yourself.  What's more, you just set it up and then grab yourself a cool drink and a book and get comfortable! 

All you need is: tarp, cheap shampoo or washing detergent, hose and safe outdoor space.  If you're looking for more details, check out Happy Hooligans.

Photo: Happy Hooligans

THREE***Homemade Ice Blocks

Enjoying a refreshing ice block is just as fun as any outdoor activity - well if you ask Marshall, eating is probably more enjoyable! 

These strawberry youghurt ice blocks will keep the kids quiet for a little while and as the recipe shows, it's also healthy!

Photo: Best Recipes

So there you have it, 12 fabulous ideas courtesy of Jorja, Isaac, Libby & Marshall!  And you're right, we did say 13 activities, so we thought it only fair we have a say too!


ONE - A themed afternoon tea party of course! 

Have the kids choose a colour for the tea party and everyone can dress up in that colour – you can also cook or buy coloured-co-ordinated food, utensils etc. 

This can be a fun event indoors or out and you can even try a few simple party games that fit with the colour theme, such as, What’s in the bag

Yay!!  You now have heaps of ideas to keep in mind over the holidays and we have no doubt there's something on that list that will keep your kids occupied!  Actually, we'd love to hear how your kids avoid holiday boredom so feel free to share your strategies in the comment section below!

Happy Summer Holidays everyone!

Jacqui & Shannon

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