Unique Baby Shower Favour With A Delicious Flavour

Anyone who knows what it’s like to welcome a new baby into the world will tell you that the first few months are rewarding but also a bit rough! Indeed, that’s why at some stage during your pregnancy it’s important to celebrate this life-changing experience. And what better way than with a fabulously fun Baby Shower, complete with personalised gifts for your special guests.

Teeny tiny jumpsuits, baby blankets, knitted booties and the list goes on...with all those very special gifts offered by your guests it's hard not to want to give something in return! And that's where baby shower favours come in handy - it's amazing how a small gift of appreciation can feel even better than actually receiving gifts (well almost!)

In fact, you’ll be pleased to know, with the arrival of the newest Emubob Tea baby (a special welcome to the beautiful Arabella) we have already tested Emubob Tea's unique baby shower favours!

We opted for a sumptuous garden high tea celebration and the Two Blends Gift Boxes complemented the occasion perfectly. We all enjoyed a relaxing afternoon and guests took home 15g packages of the Yummy Honeysplash and All-Aussie blends presented in a lovely gift box complete with a bright orange ribbon and a special thank you card. It certainly is a super affordable and memorable gift.

So, all you need to do now is order your own Gift Boxes and share the Emubob Tea experience at your special celebration!

Happy Baby Showering!!!


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