How To Enjoy Tea The Easy Way

We love to sit down and share a pot of tea, whether it's just tea for two or with our kids on a Saturday morning - which usually ends up being two pots of tea! But when it's a hectic rush to get ready for work or to get the kids organised how do you enjoy a cup of Emubob Tea quickly?

We've been asked this question a few times so we thought we'd share our tips to help you get the most out of your tea when you're stretched for time.

TIP 1:

Just use the kettle to boil the water!

Traditionally sticky-chai is prepared on the stove top, adding tea and milk together. But, to make it a bit easier just use boiled water from the kettle and add milk if desired.

TIP 2:

Use a tea-ball infuser.

Simply place a small amount of tea in the infuser (don't forget the tea leaves expand so don't overfill the infuser - simply add enough to fill half of the infuser should work!) and place in a cup of boiled water. Infuse until your desired strength is reached - you can even get other tasks done while you wait!

TIP 3:

You do have time to make a pot of tea and even take some with you!

In the morning, simply boil your kettle and fill up the cup/s you will use. If you're making tea for two or using a bigger travel cup, this technique is perfect. Place the desired amount of tea into the teapot (whether infused or not) and add the water from the cup/s you'll be using - this way you'll get the exact amount of water into the teapot without any wastage. Let stand until desired strength is reached, pour into your cup/s, add milk if desired and enjoy!

It is also possible to use the above technique when you want to make a second brew. For instance, if you have time to make a cup of tea at home but also want to take a travel cup with you, make the first brew to fill your cup and a second brew to fill your travel cup! But be sure to empty the water out so the tea isn't left brewing!

Happy Brewing Everyone!

Jacqui xo

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